Zambia's premier goat meat processor and distributor disruping markets, empowering rural communities

Zamgoat Products Limited is a privately-held mission-driven company operating at the intersection of business and rural poverty in Zambia. We are the first dedicated and innovative commercial-scale aggregator, processor and distributor of goat meat and related products in Zambia and around the region, thereby also empowering rural communities, largely smallholder farmers.

Ours is not just another 'business as usual operation' but we are instead an industry pioneer poised to be the leading processor and distributor of goat and related products. Zamgoat is built on a vertically integrated aggregation/production, processing and trading business model operating across the goat value chain.

We aim to generate sustainable social and economic value for all our stakeholders - suppliers, customers and investors.

Founded in July 2012, Zamgoat Products Limited is owned and operated by Zambian entrepreneurs, with the back-office support of other local and international entrepreneurs, investors and advisers. The company was duly incorporated in Zambia in July 2015 as a private company limited by shares, in accordance with Zambian laws.

Our Vision

To be Zambia's dedicated and innovative processor and supplier of goat meat and related products, empowering rural communities.

Our Mission

As a mission-driven company pioneering the goat industry, we aim to revolutionize the goat value chain as a whole, so as to meet the growing demand for goat products in Zambia and around the region, while also empowering rural communities, largely smallholder farmers by now sustainably monetizing the goat keeping practice.

The Problem

In spite of the fast growing demand for goat products locally and globally, the goat sector in Zambia and across the region has historically been traditional and informal. The sector has been lacking in modern business innovations and practices that generate sustainable and satisfying social and economic benefits for consumers of goat products as well as the growers of goats, largely the poor rural smallholder farmers and the community, national and regional economies at large.

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Traditional Slaughtering Facility

Traditional Slaughtering Facility

Our solution

As a for-profit social enterprise dedicated to the goat value chain, we are champions of a disruptive and transformative business practice that embodies dedication, innovation and social-economic empowerment, all to the benefit of our stakeholders - customers, suppliers and the economies we operate in. We are here to satisfy modern market demands for quality goat meat and other goat products as well as sustainably contribute to rural poverty eradication.

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Modern Processing Facility

Modern Processing Facility